"I See All" Zine
This is the "I See All" Zine. It's 32 B&W 8.25"x11" pages, with a one color blue cover. The title is "I See All". It's an alphabet zine, where each page I draw everything I could think of for each letter. The drawings are from February 2011 to January 2012. You can pick it up from me or my etsy.

The title comes from this. I found this 5 volume set in a bookstore in Glasgow and bought all of them for £5. It would have cost me $120 to ship it back to the US, so I gave it to Marceline Smith who was super kind enough to show us around that day. You can see what was inside here. Marci spotted it, cause I use the words "I See It All" in my paintings, and it was also the title of my last book. Although I was already drawing my zine, it was just a nice title to reference. Cause it's a book with images of everything you could have thought of (in 1926).

I just settled on "I See All" cause it sounded better than "Alphabet Book" or "A to Z". And yeah, it just made a lot of sense.

I compiled lists of words for every letter and tried jamming as many images as I could. Some letters were harder than other and there were a few regrets of images I forgot to draw or couldn't fit on a page. It would take about a day and a half to compile the list from Crossword websites, dictionaries, Wikipedia, ect. Making the list made me really good at Words with Friends.

Filling up another page with a random drawing.